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COCKLES webviewer includes different layers, such as cockle population connectivity and co-occurrence with non-indigenous species, facilitating the visualization of results and their application in the management of this resource in the Atlantic Area.

Try and explore, it was fully developed as a user-friendly tool.

COCKLES consortium with UBx in charge, created a guide with thorough information on each identified pathogen threatening cockle beds along the Atlantic Area. For each pathogenic agent, it is included a map with geographic distribution of prevalence and abundance, indication of individual and population pathogenicity, together with risk assessment and management recommendations.

The book is available here:
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Have a look on our pitch presented last month in the #B2Sea2020, an international event to promote projects and businesses within the marine economy.

COCKLES project, aiming to restore the production and the services provided by cockles (bivalve) in the Atlantic Area, included a strong communication and outreach segment that generated literacy, awareness and engagement on multiple audiences. This short film focuses on examples of these actions.

AE2021 "Oceans of Opportunity”

 Aquaculture Europe 2021. 

The annual event of the European Aquaculture Society will take place in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal – October 4-7, 2021.

Abstract submissions for AE2020 and AE2021