Lead Partner

Rosa Fernández

Project Capitalization

Responsible partner

Centro Tecnológico del Mar, Fundación CETMAR | ES

This action is aimed to engage the relevant stakeholders in capitalization actions to assure the long term implementation of all the project tools and methodologies by direct users. By participating in thematic and targeted workshops and on-site training activities, a wide pool of target users and other stakeholders will better understand the potential of cockles as a key biological asset for the AA and will gain the necessary skills to benefit from the project results during the project and beyond.

Production protocols and procedures developed in WP7 (sustainable culture techniques and preparation of selective breeding) will be transferred across regions and tested in at least another 2 participating regions as a pilot experience. Findings and best practices from the trial will be publicly shared.

By making available an operational tool for resource management and quantitative assessment of change scenarios, producers and policy makers will be in a better position to anticipate impact of climate change and emerging threats, to mitigate pressures and to promote a sustainable exploitation of cockles

A pilot plan for restoration and improved protection of AA cockle populations will be carried out. Scientific partners, together with associates, will discuss and co-design action plans for restoration and protection of AA cockle populations. In addition, two specific sites in Spain and Portugal, will be approached as case studies for a realistic planning.

New knowledge and tools will be integrated for the co-creation of a sustainable management plan. The experience will be carried out in Galicia, with the engagement of the key stakeholders, and observers from all the other regions will have the chance to closely follow the process to foster replication across the AA.

In order to enhance the visibility and the value of cockles around the AA, a promotional campaign at the scale of the AA, built upon the outputs from WP8, will be co-designed with key stakeholders. With the measure of benefits that cockles provide to the human being as a starting point, specific key messages can be delivered, such as: • the importance to preserve healthy and diverse coastal ecosystems; • cockles as a key source of income for coastal communities; • cockles as key recreational and cultural asset for tourism. Apart from the direct benefits regarding cockles, the campaign will highlight the relevance of carrying out ecosystem services’ studies for the protection of biodiversity in a broad sense.