Lead Partner

Xavier de Mountaudouin

Identification of major threats and trends affecting cockle beds in the Atlantic Area

Responsible partner

Université de Bordeaux | FR

This action is entirely devoted to the census of all symbionts, commensals and parasites of cockles. The different institutes participate to this action according to their expertise in particular groups protists, bacteria, trematodes, etc.). The final objective, in relation with professional and stakeholders, is to provide guidelines concerning cockle population management.

Cockles undergoing stress should be able, at a certain extent, to resist. This action will concentrate on two mechanisms: the immune system (collaboration with WP7) and the role of microbiote, i.e. of microrganisms associated to cockles and displaying a crucial role on host fitness.

This action will regard non-indigenous species which can impact cockle populations as predators, competitors, parasites, etc.